Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Morning Thoughts

It was too overcast and cold yesterday for me to go to the spa. It is the first cold day we have had in a very long time. I am hoping today will be nice again. Yesterday I went to the Lake Chapala Society to renew my IMSS health insurance but she said it was too soon. The woman in charge of renewing it, Veronica, also encouraged me to actually use their services! Like going to get a doctor assigned to me. And if he decides I need a specialist he would give me a referral to one. And of course get X rays on my knee, etc.  I thought about it. She also gave me the name of a man who would drive me there and back and be with me through the entire registration process and he speaks Spanish and English. So I have NO EXCUSE to not do this, except my fears. It would cost me nothing so that is off the table too. But is it my fear that keeps me away. I do not want yet another operation. I have also been to the IMSS hospital and was NOT impressed. 

My temporary solution is to do more natural things to heal it. Stay longer at the spa. Do hot and cold. Make compresses out of ginger and herbs. Exercise more in the water specifically for the knee. Are you laughing at me about now? I just HATE going to doctors and having operations. I have had three operations since coming here.  

I also stopped by a table at the Lake Chapala Society where a homeopathic doctor was giving out advice. We had a talk and she gave me a tiny vial of tiny Alice in Wonderland pills that are for joint pain. I put four tiny pills under my tongue every four hours. (I will try anything not to have to get another operation.). So this morning, armed with my tiny pills, ginger and garlic and all my swimming stuff, I am going to go to the spa again. On the way home I will make an appointment for a massage and buy arnica if I can find it. I also put Tumeric in my morning coffee. My friends swear by it as a pain cure. I guess this is my crazy side.   We all have at least one. I have many but this is a major one for me.

When I had my thyroid removed the doctor was sure it was cancerous. It wasn't. But now I can't regulate my weight. That I am sure is another reason for the bad knees.  My friend Pat has the right idea. She says that she stays healthy by staying away from doctors. We will see. I will give myself two more months of my own therapy. And if it doesn't work, I am off to see the doctor again.  

On a lighter note. Chico got his hair cut yesterday and his nails trimmed. Here he is this morning. Isn't he handsome?


  1. Chico is more than just handsome, and he appears to know it. :)

    1. Hi Kathie, You are so right. That is also because he knows he is very much loved.p

  2. Hi Patricia -- Please reconsider going to IMSS for a medical evaluation. It sounds like before you start treating the knee problem, you need to find out what the problem is (there are many causes of knee pain). Getting an evluation including x-rays,or whatever doesn't mean that you have to have surgery. A friend of mine is just recovering from over a year of knee pain -- she went to one specialist who recommended surgery, but got a second opinion, who diagnosed nerve damage, which is successfully being treated with electric treatments (out patient, no knives!). Whatever route you choose, the more knowledge you have about the injury, the better. Good luck!

  3. You are right and I am considering it. Thank you for your concern. P

  4. Hi Patricia,
    mcm is the voice of reason. First diagnosis, then treatment.
    If you don't like IMSS, go see a Dr. that you trust and pay him/ her out of pocket.
    As you know, here, one does not need to take out a second
    mortgage to go see a specialist.
    All the best ,

  5. Si, Chico es guapo. :)
    Karen in VA