Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Information on IMSS

I have gathered more information on IMSS, just in case anyone out there is interested. Here goes.....  I found out that since I have not used IMSS all these years, they most likely will kick me off when I go in to use it now. This recently happened to a man I know. All this time I was thinking I was saving it for an emergency and so I didn't go in to get a doctor assigned to me. (Thinking that if I didn't use it, I wouldn't be kicked off and I would always have it in case of a big emergency.) This man said he did the same thing and when he finally went in to use it, they believed he was hiding something because he hadn't used it all that time and they kicked him off. 

Even if I were to pay for next year, several hundred dollars, they would just take my money and still kick me off.  And if they didn't kick me off? It would take from nine months to a year to schedule the knee surgery along with many many visits to doctors for test after test after test.....

Can't win for losing here.  So I will not renew it and will apply for Seguro Popular instead. At least that one is free......  I am so discouraged. But I will get an X Ray and pay for it myself in the next few days and continue with the spa and all the silly things I am doing to make my knee well.  Just thought I would give anyone interested information about IMSS.... Not good....


  1. The big issue is the yearly exam that you need. Go in and schedule one and then renew. I hadn't been good about getting my yearly exam but last March, after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was able to utilize IMSS for all my quimioterapia and surgery. I am now on my second round of quimioterapia. I am very impressed with the I ms system. I get my treatments up in Tepic. I would encourage you not to policy.

  2. Well there you go! Get that exam scheduled before it's time to renew. Besides, it's probably best to know if there are any other issues.