Sunday, January 11, 2015

Views from my new home

I included a couple of photos of my makeshift kitchen. The rest are of the views from my two decks and from my kitchen window. The other rooms aren't fixed up yet. I will post them later on. I love my new place. Now I have four rooms instead of one.
This is my side deck. It is large enough for two chairs. I can see the street from it.
My very large back deck. I can do a lot with it.
View from my back deck.
View of our yard from my back deck.
Chico coming out of my bedroom door onto the back deck.
My front room which I have made into my kitchen.

I have taken almost a thousand photos since my computer went into the shop. It is going to take awhile to go through them and pick out the ones that I want to put on the blog. I had a wonderful visit with my family in Guadalajara and most of the photos are from there.

I finally made it to the zoo and I was surprised to see how nice it was. Their favorite place to visit was the huge market in the center of Guadalajara. We went there three times. My goal for this coming year is to go into Guadalajara often. I need to get out of my comfort zone. The first step was moving from that isolated casita in lower La Floresta.


  1. Your new place looks really nice. Glad to hear you have the dog and cat with you.

  2. Thank you. And thank you for commenting. Good to know that people are still checking my blog, even after a month off. p

  3. hi again,

    loved all the pix from guadalajara and tlaquepaque. i was there for a few days in the winter of 2007-the first winter that i did volunteer work in chacala for a little over 2 months. you know i love mexico and your pix make me want to go back so badly.

    great new place-what views!!!! i could just envision having a terrace like that. it would be covered with plants. yes, you can definitely do a lot with it.

    i want to come visit. since steve doesn't want to go back, maybe i can talk him into paying for me to go there for a few weeks this summer-maybe do the higlands where it's not so darn hot! if i make it, i will definitely come visit.

    have a great week!

    teresa in nagoya-woke up to another gorgeous day! that's one thing i like about winters here, lots of sunshine, but too darn windy-brrr!

    1. Hi Teresa, Yes, for sure, if you come here, let's meet up..... p

  4. Great to see you back!

  5. Thank you. It is so nice for me to get all this good feedback and know that people out there are reading my blog and missed it. p