Saturday, January 24, 2015

Morning Thoughts---- Questions, Questions, Questions

This morning I received an e mail from a person who came upon my blog. He sent me a list of ten very complicated questions about living here. Questions about my lifestyle and what I do here, and many more. I would have had to write a book back to answer all the questions. Once a friend who also blogged told me that some bloggers won't answer ANY questions unless the person first read ALL their blog posts. At the time I laughed. Even I won't go back and read all my blog posts. It is years worth of posts. I thought that the blogger demanding that kind or commitment was asking way too much.

This morning I thought differently. Every question that person asked me was answered somewhere in my blog. Often, many times.  Also there are almost three years worth of articles that I have written on

I don't mind if a person has one or two questions for me. Things that I can quickly answer. But I don't want to sit down and answer every question a person has about living here when it is all in my blog anyway. I have a life too......

So I am sorry to say this but I am also going to make the same request of people asking me questions. Please read all of my blog and also the site if you have a LOT of questions for me. You will find the answers there. And after you do all that reading and you still have one or two questions, I will be glad to answer what I can. But I do not have the time or inclination to restate what I have already written and photographed so many times in my blog and on

I am going to be reviewing restaurants again on  I love doing that. I also recently put on articles about my trip to Guadalajara and the zoo.


  1. I am so glad I found your terrific blog. My folks live in Ajijic and my siblings and I in the States want to have something delivered locally for her birthday: flowers, balloons, something special. Is there anything you could recommend ? Thank you!! Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie, So sorry. I have never done anything like that so I have no idea of the places to contact. P