Friday, January 30, 2015

More on Seguro Popular in Chapala

Today I am going into Chapala and hopefully I will be able to get some information on Seguro Popular from them. A friend sent me a lot of information on it. Sounds like a very good program and I could use it without being worried about getting kicked off. One bit of information that he sent was that IMSS could kick people off for ANY reason, even for your age.

If I get the information, I will pass it on. One problem is that is takes a lot of time to sign up on Seguro Popular. You have to make three trips into the hospital in Guadalajara just to get enrolled. Spend hours standing in line. I don't like that part but I do like the part where it is free.

More later......


  1. Well Pat, nothing is really free - you pay a price by having to go thru all the hoops and red tape! Having medical insurance is top priority for everyone, especially those of us of a certain age!

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks for commenting. I agree with you a hundred percent. p