Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hot Springs Pool in San Juan Cosala

I finally made it back to the spa after being away for several months. I was reluctant to pay that twenty ticket fee when I was too busy to go. Last time I paid, it was 2100 pesos. Now it is 2200 pesos. It goes up every few months. That gives me the right to go there for four months but I can't use it on weekends or holidays. I wouldn't want to use it then anyway.

This photo was taken yesterday. You can see that the pool is almost empty. I swim so I need to get there as soon as it opens, nine am. Otherwise, by ten thirty it gets crowded. Mondays are great because a lot of people believe that the pools are dirty that day, after the weekend. Let them keep thinking that because I think Monday is the best day to go. Hardly anyone is there. I have never noticed any of the pools being dirty. For the prices they charge, they shouldn't be dirty.

Now the regular fee for one visit is 220 pesos. I think it is 110 pesos for children. You can get a small discount with a DIF card or an LCS card. It is an expensive day. I usually only stay long enough to swim for an hour and wash and dry my hair and I am out in an hour and a half. I am going to start staying an extra hour and maybe swimming twice. I am really out of shape at the moment from not swimming for several months. But I love their pool. I don't like to swim in cold water. This water is very warm.

If you want to buy the twenty ticket pass, you have to give them a small photo of your face. That way no one else can use your tickets. They are very strict. When the four months are over, they will NOT let you use any of your left over tickets. I know, I tried. Being sick is NO excuse....

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