Friday, January 23, 2015

Estrellita's B & B next to LCS


  1. What's the price for about a week? That might be a good place to find an apt. from, what do you think?

  2. Thanks for commenting. I don't know her prices. I am sure she has a website. It is very convenient. So it would be a good start for looking at other places to live. p

  3. The website is I stayed there in March 2013. Upstairs, front bedroom. The only problem with that room, if you're a late sleeper, is that the owner, Lorraine, opens up the metal rolling door in her office at 5:30 am or so and listens to a talk program on her computer. That bedroom is directly above the main door of the Inn and her office is next to the main door. Other rooms are probably quieter.

    1. Hi Donna, Thank you for that information. I remember you telling me about that. Much appreciated. p