Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walk along the Lake

Yesterday was the first time in months that I have walked along the lake. The last time I did that was before they locked us in here. It is just too far to walk those extra six blocks so I have not done it. But yesterday I noticed that one of the bars had been bent back. I assumed that La Floresta Association had decided to have pity on all of poor people who don't have cars and intentionally made an opening for us.

I felt like it was Christmas, I was so excited to finally be freed from here and able to easily walk downtown again or go to the lake. But I was wrong. I saw this morning that the guard put the bar back in place and he parked near it, watching to see if I was going to try to go through it.... TRAPPED once more.

Looks like I am going to have to start thinking about moving out of this situation. I love it here but I get so angry every time I have to walk all those extra blocks. Here are the photos I took yesterday. Don't expect I will be taking that walk again soon. I just don't have that kind of energy anymore. Getting old I guess. Hope you enjoy these.

The beach is covered in high weeds. Just a little path runs through it.


  1. The lake looks low for just after the rain season you had....Still looks pretty and peaceful too.

    Pam in Oregon

  2. Hi Pam, Yes it is very low. The farmers must be draining it off above us. p