Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Morning Thoughts--Day of the Dead

A few days ago, I had thought that the rainy season was finally over. Not so. We are still getting rain at night and the forecast looks like more rain for the next couple of weeks. I had planned on putting a bed out on my deck. Not yet.

The Day of the Dead celebrations are coming up. This is my favorite holiday. The large Katrina Dolls are being put up along the Chapala Malecon this weekend. I don't know about in Ajijic. I must buy a Guadalajara Reporter this morning so I can find out what all is going on.

 Most likely there will be the Zombie Dance. That is always fun to watch. And of course the alters in Chapala. I see marigolds everywhere now. A sure sign that the Day of the Dead is coming soon. If you have never experienced Mexico during this time of the year, you have no idea of what you are missing. Come and join us if you can.

More people are already in town. The Wednesday market was very crowded last week. The high season is starting. Rentals will be scarce and expensive. The restaurants will be full again. People will be flooding into the Lake Chapala Society. New friends and lots of fun. I like both the high and the low seasons. Each has a charm.


  1. Is April or May the low season? I plan on moving there then!

    Thanks C. O. Nicks

    1. Towards the middle or end of April the low season begins..... Thanks for commenting. p

    2. It has been a long time since I have been in Mexico during the "Day of the Dead". I love both seasons as well!!!! Be well Pat!