Monday, October 6, 2014

Morning Thoughts--- Magic Box 2

Another computer drawing by Carlos Valdez titled Magic Box 2
This is one of my favorite drawings that was created by my ex husband Carlos Valdez. It is hard to see the detail in it with such a small reproduction and with much less pixels but if you look closely in the center you will see two white figures standing near a cross.

I don't have much to write about this morning. Another gloomy after rain morning and I have no energy to walk up the hill and catch the bus to swim at the spa. These kinds of mornings make me want to stay inside. But the drawing inspired me a bit. I can see in it that Carlos did have faith and hope. It wasn't all gloom and doom in his life.


  1. What a beautiful piece this is! Sure makes a special spiritual message! What a talent he was! I love the eyes of an artist! They see things we miss! Lovely! Pam in OR

    1. Hi Pam, Thank you for that thoughtful comment. Good to hear from you. p