Thursday, October 16, 2014

San Juan Cosala Thermal Swimming Pool

I used my last spa ticket today. Good thing because it is now expired. This is how it works. It costs 210 pesos a visit, a little less if you have an LCS card and a little bit less than that if you have a DIF card. Or you can pay 2100 pesos and bring a small photo of yourself and get a 20 ticket pass. It is good for four months, excluding weekends and holidays and if you don't use them in four months, you can't use them after that. It is expensive to go there and the best time is early. It is usually crowded by around eleven or twelve. It opens at nine in the morning and I think it closes at seven in the evening, seven days a week.


  1. Maybe you should hold out for a place to open up where your friend Marie lives. It looks great! I would like living there but is it too much per month for rent? Sure looks nice to me though!

    I have been watching the real estate in the areas I think are nice at Lakeside and there isn't as much being listed these days for weeks now actually. So not seeing so much for rent and not that many low prices for buying either. Seems the market isn't as good as it was about a year ago when I first started tracking the MLS listings.

    I know I'm not interested in the area you are in because I don't like how they treat you there! I wouldn't like being fenced in like that at all!! Car or no car!!!!

    Pam in Oregon

    1. Hi Pam, Good to hear from you again. I don't like the way they treat me here either. But for now, I am stuck. Can't leave Chico. p