Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Gated Community of El Parque


  1. I have seen some nice houses for rent in El Parque so it's nice to see some photos of the community. I've decided pretty much that's where I would like to live in some sort of a community setting. I like the concept of living that way when I retire so it suits me. That's why I like where Marie lives too. Pam in OR

  2. HI Pam, It is nice in both places. El Parque has that great pool but it is expensive to rent in there. Marie's place rarely has any openings. p

  3. Yes, it's at least $1k per month to rent there, utilities often NOT included. And while it IS only a block away from the main bus line, the butcher & fish shops, the liquor store, and several good restaurants, it is a hassle to go anywhere after dark because the bus stops running around 9pm(?) and the taxis are few after dark. What were you doing there this week, Pat? Hope you got a chance to swim. Did you see my favorite gate guards? Hugs... Gayle in PDX ps: Hi Pam!

    1. FINALLY I was able to get into my account.... Hi Gayle. Come down for awhile. I wrote you an e mail. Your friend, p