Friday, June 27, 2014

Stuck in my room during the rain!

Olive is enjoying my soft bed.
Chico is sleeping on the chair.

This is on my bedroom wall. It scares away the evil spirits.


  1. I think I would rather be stuck at home in Lakeside than here in Oregon! Our rain season as you know is a damp and cutting to the bone cold so it's really rough on my arthritic knees which makes me feel stuck a lot as it's just too painful to walk around in the cold rainy weather here when it hits. Right now though Oregon Summer is what we all love the most, although it's been rainy here the past few days. But no where near as cold as it is the winter months! I hope when you come in August it will be gorgeous here and not to hot. I like your artpiece that wards off evil spirits, it looks huge but I imagine it's much smaller than it looks! LOL! Can't wait to hear about your friend that went to Ensenada and most of all can't wait to have a visit with you while you're in OR! Pam in OR.

    1. Hi Pam, That piece is about two feet long. It is pretty big. I wish I was up there now instead of down here. I am looking forward to seeing you again. p