Friday, June 27, 2014

Morning Thoughts--Rain and Termites

It is raining out there!
It is another overcast morning with thunderstorms predicted for later on in the day.  I am having a hard time with this weather because I have to walk everywhere. I need to just get out and do it, even though I would prefer to stay home where I would be dry. I have an umbrella and I have to keep reminding myself that I am not going to melt if I get caught in a storm.

Yesterday, I forced myself to take the bus to the spa and I was quite surprised. It was beautiful out that way. There was no rain although there were lots of dark clouds. My friend told me that for some reason that part of the lake gets a little less rain than here.  A consideration if I decide to move. Maybe I would move to San Juan Cosala. Then I could go to the spa twice a day. For now, I am staying here because of Chico.

Two nights ago, I had an infestation of what I am guessing was termites. They were everywhere in my room. They were falling off the ceiling and onto my bed while I was trying to sleep. I tried not to panic because I remembered that happened once when I was living in San Blas. Every inch of my room was covered in these same kinds of insects. It lasted for three days and then they were all gone.

When I went to the spa the next morning,  I looked for signs of them in other places. I found their long thin wings all over the ground at the bus stop. They must have just come into town for one night and then moved on. Does anyone reading this have any ideas about this event? Or am I the only one who was affected?  Lucky me.....


  1. Termites swarm at certain times. Normally they don't fly, but these are fertile and looking to start new "hives?". I'm not sure what termite nests are called. Philip

    1. HI Philip, Thank you for that information. I sure hope they didn't decide to make nests in here. p