Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Morning Thoughts--Animal Abuse

This week's Guadalajara Reporter had an article on the front page about animal abuse and a law that has been passed against it. This is the first state in Mexico to have an anti animal abuse law. Unfortunately, that does not include bullfights or cockfights. But it is a start.  Now a person could get from six months and up to three years in jail for abusing animals. Also, there could be an extension of eighteen months if the animal suffered prolonged abuse.

Thousands of people signed petitions against animal abuse after that terrible incident where the man burned the eight puppies.  He faces a maximum 60,000 peso fine from Zapopan city hall for breaching municipal ordinances. He and his family fled their home after animal welfare groups vowed to protest outside his home. If you want to know more about this, get online and put in Guadalajara Reporter. Sometimes the first articles in the paper are published online.


  1. Congrats Guadalajara! Hopefully more states will follow!

    1. Hi Nathan, Thanks for commenting. I am encouraged because I realize that signing petitions and demonstrating DOES make a difference. p