Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Tuesday Market and Missing Family

This morning I am going to the Tuesday organic market. Several people there make delicious meals for reasonable prices. I may buy a couple for my freezer. Tomorrow is the big market for me. I can hardly wait to be back to it.

The weather is beautiful here, of course. I am enjoying every minute of it. But I miss my family. I know that many women here my age have the same problem. Men too. It is hard to be so far from our loved ones. But we must all live our own lives. I may not go back to Portland for awhile. I will try to get them to visit with me here instead.  It is so much more fun that way because they are in the vacation mode instead of the work mode. And I love to share my Mexico life with them.

I think it is hard on my family to have me there while they are working. Young people have such busy lives. It is always more fun for me when they come here because they are on vacation and relaxed.  They have been here three times but not for a few years now. I have been the one to make the trip up there.  And it is exhausting for me. Guess I am getting old.

Once again, I may have to move. It is up in the air with my landlord. Changes.... Always changes. I have to do my best to roll with the punches. But at least I am WARM..... 


  1. Well if you have to move at least you will have your residency and that is huge!!!! Seems like there is plenty to pick from in places to live there so I hope you find something you will enjoy if you do move. Pam in portland Oregon

    1. Hi Pam, Good to hear from you again. Right. I will be glad to have that permanent residency. Wish you were here where it is warm. P