Saturday, December 28, 2013

Message from the Lucky Dogs

Dear friends, 

 I am sure by now you all know that I volunteer at Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center in Chapala. With this lingering nasty weather, our pups and dogs are so cold and desperately need sweaters to keep warm.  Please go thru your closet and see if you have any old sweaters or sweatshirts that you no longer need. If you do, you can drop it at my home or the Animal Shelter in Riberas (be sure to write Lucky Dog on the bag).

You can reach me at 765-2603 (please leave message). Thanks in advance!!  Cindy 


  1. You will pleased to know that two of your faithful readers pointed out that your listing on my blog roll was not showing up properly. This morning, all is well.

    I find it reassuring that the people who read our material are so thoughtful.

    1. Thank you Steve. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. p

  2. Is this a free site ?