Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Veracruz fish lunch special at the American Legion


  1. Hi Pat, is the weather cool; looks like a lot of people are wearing jackets and sweats. Thank you for sharing the local color, I shared a previous post with my brother in Montreal, Canada where they're having so much snow that he had to dig out areas for his dog to do his duty; his wife is so sick of the snow. Where I live, Columbus, Ohio, we've had lots and lots of snow since before Thanksgiving; now it's all gone and it's been raining so much this week-end that we have flood watch conditions. Looking forward to visiting the area. Merry Christmas and best wishes that you won't have to move from your cute casita. Helena

  2. Thank you Helena for commenting. It is a little cool here in the mornings and sometimes the evenings. People who have been here a long time get colder. It is beautiful here this time of the year. p