Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chico gets a haircut.

Poor Chico. I made the mistake of telling the landlord's maid about my fleas or my bed bugs. She immediately put Chico on a leash and dragged him off to get his hair cut and a flea treatment. Now he has no hair and it is cold at night. I need some extra blankets.


  1. Poor Chico - he looked so cute with his long hair - maybe you should look for a sweater for him. I really like your colorful quilts though.

    1. HI Pat, Thank you for commenting. My friend Leslie has a doggie jacket. I will ask her to bring it over. P

  2. Sorry to hear about Chico's problem(s)! Sure hope he didn't catch them from "Fiesta"! :-)
    With our short week school, I didn't see the students who made Fiesta, so we will have lots of pictures to look at on Monday!
    Mrs. H