Thursday, November 28, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I will be back to Ajijic on the 4th of December. Then I will start once again with my daily walks around town and photos of the same six block area. (My son loves to tease me about that.) 

My family is sick. Jet lag from the trip to India but we are all going out for a family dinner at a nice hotel in downtown Portland today.  Good thing we didn't decide to do any cooking today. Just doing the routine tasks is almost too much for them. It makes me realize that I have no desire to travel to India or any country that far away. They traveled for 48 hours straight before they finally got back to Portland.....   So, once again, Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Patricia! Sorry to hear some are ill but hope inspire of that you all have a wonderful meal and day. You are blessed to be together. I know you know.

    I envy you going back to Mexico so soon. I don't get to go again until April.

    Happy day,