Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morning Thoughts---Cats and Cold

It is hard for me to think when I am so COLD. I am not used to this weather and I was told that it isn't even winter weather yet here in Portland.  I am so spoiled by the beautiful, sunny, warm weather in Mexico.  Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in front of the fireplace, reading and feeding it more wood.

I got an e mail from my friend and neighbor a couple of days ago, saying that the cat who likes to sit at my window somehow got into my casita before I left. She was stuck in there for two days until my friend was checking on Chico and she heard the cat crying.

Poor thing. She had water because Chico's water bowl was in there and my bathroom sink drips. She had Chico's food in a bowl too. I hate to think of where she was going to the bathroom. I thought this experience would have made her disappear but she is a very persistent cat. My friend said she was back the next day, gazing in my window.   I am so glad my friend saw her and let her out of there. I can't think of a worse welcome home than a dead cat in my casita. Okay, a dead person would be worse but since I live alone, that isn't likely to happen.

I am going back to the fire to try to get warm. Now I am the one envying people lucky enough to live in Mexico in the wintertime. 

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