Saturday, November 23, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Getting Together Today at Walter Mitty's

I am at a loss for words this morning from too many days of sitting around in the house with nothing to do. I thought Thursday was Friday.  I guess I was trying to rush the time when my son and daughter-in-law would be returning from India. I was lonely.  They come back tomorrow in the early afternoon. That isn't soon enough for me!

If it weren't so expensive to change my airline ticket, I would have made it the day after they returned. But these days it costs as much to change it as it costs for another ticket, two hundred dollars. So I will stay here until Dec. 4th. It will be nice to have Thanksgiving with them and my daughter-in-law's birthday is Dec. 2nd.  

 I know, there are a lot of things I COULD be doing. Like learning to cook. Learning Spanish. Writing a book. Exercising. Cleaning house.   But I am not doing those things. Instead, I am obsessively bidding on jewelry on the internet. Wasting my money. Wasting my time. Hating this cold weather. Missing my life in Mexico. Gaining weight.

I did get out with my friend, Joan, yesterday to Costco. Thank you Joan. I bought the shingles shot and the flu shot, socks and persimmons. There went two hundred and fifty dollars! One month's rent in Mexico! It was so crowded in there that I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack. (The country mouse syndrome again.)  I assume that all the grocery stores will be crowded from now until after Thanksgiving or Christmas. I am dreading my next shopping trip.

I miss the Wednesday market in Ajijic. I miss all of the fresh fruit and the friendly vendors. I love to squeeze them. (The fruit, not the vendors. Well maybe the vendors too but I am too old for that now.)  I don't like to see the food all boxed up or wrapped in clear plastic.  I had to get a sharp knife just to open the heavy plastic that was the container for the persimmons. There was no way I could have smelled them or seen if they had bad spots while they were encased in that plastic. They had no smell. They had bad spots. They were rock hard and didn't respond to my squeezing. They were bitter, like a mate in a bad marriage. Unresponsive to squeezing and bitter.

I am hoping some people will show up today for the get together at Walter Mitty's. Please come!  It is the one across the street from PCC. It will be at two this afternoon. Let's get together and talk about how wonderful it is to live and vacation in sunny Mexico! I promise not to complain about the winters in Portland.  Summers here are beautiful. Winter, not so much...... (I guess I did find some words in me.)


  1. Pat, how much was the shingles shot at Costco? I want to get one, but since I'm 55 they won't pay for it. If it's all out-of-pocket, I might as well go to Costco, I guess.


    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for commenting. The shingles shot was 188 dollars. Most other places charged over 200. I was told today that the older you are, the less affective they are so get it as soon as possible. P

  2. Missing you Pat!! Come home soon.....


    1. Thank you Tammy. I am on the downhill slide now... Dec.4th... P