Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tanga is looking for someone to ride down to Mexico with her.

I put this comment up here as a post because I hope someone will read it and respond to her. Do you need a ride to Mexico?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Morning Thoughts---Things That I Miss about Mexico...":

Hi Patricia,
Thank you again for expressing your honest feelings about your life in Ajijic. Having just returned from Portland to NW Florida, now humid, stormy, and overcast, I love your Goldilocks analogy of Lake Chapala's weather. I think that other things there may be" just right" for me too.
Even though I was not able to go to your get together last week, I have met two really nice people who responded to me through your blog. One of them who is already in Mexico, is helping me look for long-term housing, that I will rent unseen, based on her eyes and feet doing the search for me, and my confidence that it is a "just right" place for me.
Since my lease is up here in October I will just take the plunge and drive down there first part of November. However one weak link in my move is that I am driving alone from Laredo to Chapala. I am very concerned about making that trip alone, with only my two dogs and a road map.
Do you think that you could help me out with a post on your blog that might turn up someone who wants a ride into Mexico at that time, or maybe a person doing a six-month border run who could benefit rom a return ride.
I can be contacted at Thanks again for being you and for this blog. Tanga


  1. Best wishes, Pat, for a safe trip back to "your happy place". Chico will be ecstatic to see you and I'm sure the cats will return (once they've punished you enough for leaving them!).

    1. Hi Lorrie, Thank you for your good wishes. It is so nice to be back in Mexico and with Chico again. My landlord said I can't feed the cats anymore. A shame. P