Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning Thoughts---Returning to Ajijic

The countdown has begun. I am returning to Ajijic next Tuesday. I learned the hard way about changing reservations on the phone. I came up here by way of San Francisco. I wasn't paying attention on the phone and she routed me back through Houston. That means a six hour flight and since she didn't ask me what seat I wanted, I had to take the last available seat in the middle. Six hours, flanked by two strangers.

So, my warning to everyone and to myself is to NEVER trust an agent on the phone. Now my trip starts at eight a.m. when I leave the house and doesn't end until well after midnight when I arrive at my casita. I will be sitting in the Houston airport for four and a half hours. Thanks to that agent, my trip has been doubled in length from when I came up here.

Oh well, life goes on. I will soon be back in my casita with Chico. I am going to miss my family and Portland friends. But I will be happy to be back to my own life. I am looking forward to walking the streets of Ajijic with Chico and to the Wednesday market, having lunch with my friends, going to the Lake Chapala Society, swimming at the hot springs spa.....

I wonder if the wild cats will know I am back and return to the yard in the mornings.  My landlord's helper ran them off after I left. She doesn't like cats. Or dogs. Poor Chico. I am sure he will be glad to have me back home again so he can snooze on my chaise lounge and have his stomach rubbed. I would like that too. If I had someone to rub my stomach. 


  1. Hi, Pat.

    Have a safe trip back to Ajijic.

    I am sorry that your travel agent mess up your flight schedule but least you are returning to where your heart belongs....

    "Chico" will be so glad to see you!
    Don't know about wild cats, though....
    Looking forward to reading your Blog from Ajijic.

    Your friend from far away.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, my far away friend. P

  2. HI Patricia, I'm so sorry you are stuck in Houston for 4 hours. That is where I live and I wouldn't want to sit at Bush airport for that long. I hope you find someone interesting to talk with and help pass the time. I will be sending good thoughts your way. I am still working but not for much longer, retiring soon! Give Chico a big kiss! Pam

    1. hi Pam, Thanks for the chuckle. Not a very good recommendation for Houston if someone who lives there is sympathetic of a four hour layover in the airport there. Thanks for the good wishes for me and Chico. P