Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Today is my son's birthday. Forty-six years old. That makes me feel really old. Not long from now he will be getting the AARP advertisements. I have received two pieces of mail since I have been here. Both were for prepaid cremation services. Is that all I have to plan for in my future? No mail about cruises or vacations on tropical islands. Just cremation services. I was really offended. I kept thinking about all the angry things I wanted to write back to those people. But it isn't worth the trouble. It is just an indifferent junk mail company and I have no idea of how they got my address or my age.

Indifference is a good word for many of the things that happen in the States. We talk about corruption in Mexico. It is so offensive because it is up close and personal. The corrupt, in your face, policeman, etc. But here the corruption is at a distance, the corrupt politicians, making laws that affect poor people, taking away their essential services, etc. It is harder to pin down the corruption here. It isn't personal. It is universal.

Oh well, life has always been that way. I just finished reading a book about the differences between the rich and the poor in India. I would hate to be a poor person in India.

It is another beautiful day in Portland. I am going out to lunch with friends. I have been swimming four and five times a week and am losing weight and getting stronger. I am healthy. That is my wealth..... 

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