Hi ~ I saw Dr. Memo for Pepper's routine shots, and we got to talking, and he mentioned his mother-in-law has a house which is coming up for rent very soon.  Here are some quick notes:
I think garden and a space to park a car
small house, near 6 Corners
one level; 2 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms, $500?
I think 3 houses on grounds, and whole thing gated
Told him I had a g.friend in US right now who may be interested
Call him at either 766-0885 or 766-1352 -- Clinic is closed daily between 2-ish & 4-ish; open until 7 p.m. once it reopens at 4-ish
Dr. Memo's clinic, VETERINARIA MEMO, is at Constitucion 15, downtown Ajijic  
Good Luck!!  Carolina