Saturday, July 20, 2013

Morning Thoughts-- SOP, Sense of Purpose

I have often written about having a Sense of Purpose. SOP.  My shorthand initials for such an important concept. Being around younger people now, working people in the middle of their lives, makes me remember what that was like. There were many days when I thought I would never get to all the things I had to do. My To Do list was always long. Sometimes it was overwhelming.

The other day my daughter-in-law and my son and I were riding in the car and talking about November. They are going to India then and want me to come back and dog sit. She asked me, What is your schedule?

There was a long pause while I tried to locate a schedule in my head. Just a blank. Days, weeks, months of no expectations on me. My son laughed at that point and said, Schedule, Mom? She has no schedule.  We all laughed.

But what about that elusive SOP? We all need it, even if we don't have a Things to Do List. Writing for is one thing I enjoy doing in Mexico. I enjoy walking with Chico. I enjoy this blog. I enjoy swimming. But walking, blogging  and swimming fit more into the pleasurable side of this balance sheet of life.

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my friend Liz and her ex husband. Liz said that I seem happier up here. I think it is because I am with my loved ones. And I have a SOP, keeping the house in order for them and watching the dogs while they are working and doing errands. They are always busy. I don't know how I managed to live like that. Since I retired, life has slowed down. No car helps with that. Living in Mexico is the major help because life is slower there. Easier.

When I am in Ajijic, all my friends are retired. Most of them still have To Do lists, classes they like to attend, luncheons planned, etc. I keep my days as unstructured as possible. I never want to go back to that hectic life where I have to run around all day. But having a SOP is also important. That is the million dollar question. My ex husband had lost that feeling and life had become intolerable. I think it is essential. I need to remember that and reevaluate my own life from time to time.


  1. I have been in Florida visiting my son for a couple of weeks and have not commented.

    I also prefer not having a schedule. I enjoy my free time and being able to make decisions spontaneously.

    Sounds like you have been on a roller coaster concerning your casita in Mexico. I sure hope your landlord will make a firm decision about his plans so you will not be so up in the air.

    Connie in Texas

    1. Hi Connie. Thank you for writing. Yes, I too hope my landlord would tell me what is in store for my near future. P

  2. This was an important post for me - thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I sometimes feel guilty for craving as unstructured life as possible - often seems like I should have orderly pursuits and make and keep commitments for some reason. Your observation about your husband's inability to define or embrace his SOP (if I understood you correctly) is cautionary for me. I will work on it - thanks.

    1. Thank you Stan. I always appreciate it when I read that someone reads my post and identifies with it. P