Friday, December 30, 2016

Some photos with my new camera

Chico and I walked into town yesterday and discovered a new restaurant across the street from the plaza. It is inside of the Hotel Ajijic, to the back of it, next to the small swimming pool. The waiter said I could swim in it if I wished but the water is too cold for me. The name of the restaurant is Jimmy D's. It is owned by two men, James and Don. The breakfast was delicious. I forgot the name of the man I was talking to, either James of Don. He told me about putting it on one of the local message boards and how people immediately attacked him. About everything. About how he said dogs were allowed in there because it was in the garden. About every detail he put on the board. 

I  laughed and said for him not to read it or pay attention to it. I was also attacked on that board when someone sent my post about how upset I was that the gate near my house was locked . I had a bad knee and could hardly walk. I went to the association and asked for a key so I could get out of there instead of walking an extra seven blocks. They said NO!

It was a public road and illegal for them to lock it. People jumped all over me about complaining. Someone even suggested that I take taxis all the time, as if I could afford it or would want to do that. So I KNOW about the attacks that happen on the message boards. I wished him good luck with his new restaurant. Here are some photos of it and Chico. And just so you know, they FINALLY unlocked the gate, several years later.... They knew it was illegal, yet they locked it anyway.  Okay, all you people on the message board, go ahead and attack me again about this... I am ready for you! 

Part of their breakfast menu


Bacon and eggs. That is a strawberry cut up like a flower. Their bread is delicious and so is their jam, homemade strawberry. I also had a side of hash browns and they were the best I have ever had. With pieces of onion and bacon in them and very crispy. Just the way I like them. 


Chico in my lap before our food came. He is curious about the new place.

The man in the above photo is Jimmy. One of the owners.  I wish them a successful business. I see so many restaurants come and go here. One day they are doing great and the next day no one is there and then they are gone. It is a hard business.....

The man in the photo above is the other owner. He was at the Ajijic Plaza across the street, drumming up business. His name is Don. Two very nice men. 
They are open six days a week. Closed on Weds. Open eight am to two pm.  Check it out. I am going to walk down there again this morning for breakfast. 


  1. So good to see you back with your new camera. I REALLY enjoy the photos and your descriptions of them. I wish TROY and I could join you. WOW

    1. Hi Larry, Good to hear from you. Maybe you and Troy can come down and visit sometime. P