Saturday, December 31, 2016

My last walk to the Ajijic Plaza in 2016

My long time friend Don is sitting on the bench with Chico...


The little girl in her excitement to chase the pigeons, scared them all away. 


Chico likes little dogs.

I have known Don since I first moved to this area. We both lived in Chapala and for ten years he has been taking me out to eat and paying for every meal. He won't let me pay.

I love his t shirt. At one time we knew a man named Don Wolf. It would have been a perfect t shirt for that Don. But one day years ago, that Don got up and left this area. People come and go here all the time. 

It is so nice to have a long term friend here.  I know this Don doesn't look at the internet, otherwise I would say thank you to him here. I say it to him in person all the time but I don't think that he fully understands how much I appreciate his friendship. I ran into him at the plaza today and he asked me to my favorite restaurant for lunch. Otherwise I would have had NO plans for this special day.  Okay, I will write it anyway, Thank you Don, even though you won't see this message!  You are a special friend to me!. 


  1. Hi, I see Don often around town. I did not know he was the Don you go out to lunch with. Definitely nice to have longtime friends. See you in the New Year. Hope it is not too noisy at you house and you will be able to sleep. Feliz Año Nuevo!

    1. Hi Pat are you back yet? No sleeping tonight. Ear splitting parties are already beginning. It is going to be a long night. Happy New Year to you both. P