Monday, December 12, 2016

Morning Thoughts

This is the last day of a nine day celebration of the Fiesta de Guadalupe. Celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe. I woke up at four am this morning to the sound of the cohetes shooting off and they have been going off all morning long. Today is a national holiday for Mexico. I can't use my swim tickets at the spa on National Holidays and I wouldn't want to because it is too crowded. So it looks like I will just be walking with Chico into town and back. I can hear parties going on all around me in my Mexican neighborhood. 

On about the 20th I will get my cameras from e bay. My friend Karin is bringing them down for me. Then I will be in business again. 

In the meantime, I am limping along on this blog, trying to keep it alive. It is kind of like keeping kefir grains alive. I got some kefir grains a few weeks ago. In order for them to stay alive you have to keep feeding them milk. They grew from one tablespoon to about four tablespoons of grains and so every day I have two more quarts of kefir to drink. I am glad I don't have sourdough starter to feed too.  Did you know that some sourdough starters came over on the Mayflower in the pockets of immigrants? But they always have to be fed, like the kefir little buggers.  Wow, it is almost like having a crying baby in the house. Or that house plant that used to say FEED ME..... FEED ME.....  I don't remember the name of that broadway play but I do remember that plant. 

Things that are living have to be fed, some more than others. So this living blog is being fed a few articles to keep it alive until I get my cameras. Then I will be able to take photos again and get back in business here. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you all. I am going out to see what is happening in the Ajijic Plaza. Chico will love the walk. 

I hope that we will have a few days of quiet after today but I won't count on it. As soon as I think one celebration is finally over, another one starts.  It is just something I must accept. Some mornings I will be awake at four am because of the loud cohates someone is shooting off. This is Mexico. If you want peace and quiet, don't move here. You will be disappointed. But if you like celebrations, parades, music, loud fireworks, parties, you will love it here. 


  1. Ha, ha! Yes, I remember having a sourdough starter years ago, and you definitely can't ignore them! BTW, the show you're trying to think of is 'Little Shop of Horrors', and the plant's name was Audrey 2! Great show!
    Hope you're feeling better, Patricia! Maybe I'll see you on the bus again soon!

    1. Thank you. I was thinking that it had something to do with a store or a shop. Thanks for writing. P