Friday, December 9, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Yesterday I got an e mail from my son saying that their house is sold. I am so relieved.  And Chico and I also received an invitation for Christmas Day with my friend. My savior, the one who made me get out of the house and go to the hospital and stayed with me the entire time. Thank you Leslie for being such a wonderful friend!

Another friend is bringing me two cameras that I bought on E Bay on the 20th of this month. It will be nice to have a camera again, one that I know how to use. 

So life for me seems to be getting back on track. Now if only my hair would grow back........

There are lots of Christmas events and celebrations going on now. This is a very social town, especially in the high season. 

I mostly stay home after swimming because I am really tired. Yesterday I was so tired that I forgot to turn off the faucet in the kitchen. I was sitting in my big chair with Chico and Olive in my lap watching a movie on Netflix when I heard a strange noise. At first I thought it was Olive eating but she was sleeping on my lap. I ignored it for awhile. Then I decided to see what it was so I walked into a flooded kitchen. About three inches of water all over. Including under my frig and other electrical stuff. I put on my rubber crocks and spent the next hour mopping it up.  What a mess.   

I don't have anything new to write about. Just feeding the blog so it doesn't die....   I hope everyone out there is doing well and not overwhelmed by the holidays. 


  1. Oh my. Glad nothing electrical was damaged or caused other damage. I've been in the process of selling my home and downsizing to an apartment. Almost completely moved (though not completely unpacked and settled) and close on the house Wednesday. So, I am just starting to get caught up on various blogs like yours.

  2. Good luck Scott with your new life. P