Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Rye Bread

I have been dieting for a few weeks now although certain things knock me off of it, like chocolate chip cookies. My friend Mimi gave me three of hers from Costco and of course I ate all three of them in one day. The pound and a half that I had lost came right back on again. That was discouraging.

I found information online about rye bread. There is a very simple recipe on you tube that I followed. I bought the rye flour from the local health food store, the one across the street from the Ajijic Hospital. The flour is very inexpensive. She also sells dry yeast. I have been making this bread for several weeks now and experimenting with adding different ingredients, dry cranberries and walnuts. It has become my main food.  I have a piece for breakfast and take a piece to the spa and have one at night. I always hated rye bread but this is delicious. If you look online for health benefits of Rye Bread it says it is the worlds healthiest food. It helps with everything, including weight loss.  I am so excited about discovering it that I am writing about it. 

This recipe requires no kneading. You just put two cups of rye flower in a pan, add a tablespoon of dry yeast in the center, some salt, and add about a cup of warm water. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and then mix it up with a big spoon. Add more warm water as needed. Cover it with plastic and put it out in a warm place for two hours. It will rise and you bake it in a 400 degree oven for fifty minutes or so. It doesn't look like bread. It looks more like a kind of cake. It really takes the edge off the hunger. Here are two photos of my last batch. I sprinkled some chocolate powder and rye flour on the top of it before I baked it.

It is so nice to have a kitchen. I feel wealthy.  If you want to see on you tube the recipe I used, go to Virtuousbread.com. 


  1. I love rye bread. Going to try this. I live at 7400 ft, and baking can be tricky, so I have no expectations of my loaf looking like a real loaf of bread. For me, what counts is the flavor! :)) Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathie, As. You can see, mine didn't rise much either but it still was good. P