Monday, April 25, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Another Monday morning and time to go back to my JOB.   I have decided to call my trips to the spa and swimming 45 laps a job. That way I am more likely to do it even when I would rather stay home and do nothing. Whenever I get to the middle of those 45 laps I think, This is my job so I have to finish the laps.  The thing about making going to the spa a job is this; what do I do for my days off? Not much can live up to a morning at the spa. Maybe digging a ditch? Just reverse what is a job and what is for pleasure. 

We are still having water problems here. First our pipes were filled with black sand. Then he connected them up to the tank on the roof instead of the street. Now we have no water or very little water. I hear him banging around upstairs. Hopefully he will fix it before I get home. I will take a shower at the spa. But my garden will suffer and I will have to wait to do any laundry. My washing machine needs more water than is coming out of our pipes now. But I am being patient. Reminding myself that everyone has problems with their homes, even people paying high rent. Problems are part of life. I prefer my problems to be based on cheap rent, not expensive rent. Whenever problems arise I take a deep breath and think about my rent being less than a hundred and fifty dollars a month. That makes it much easier to handle no water or any other problems. 

This afternoon I am meeting up with a friend and buying a jar of Kombucha tea.  She makes it. I tried once and made myself very sick. I thought I was going to die.

My father believed he could learn how to do anything. All he had to do was teach himself. And these days with the Internet and watching you tube it is almost possible. I have the same belief.  But Kombucha wasn't worth almost dying for. I recently ordered some dielectric silicone grease so I can waterproof my own I pods. I am tired of paying a hundred dollars for waterproofed ones that only last a few months.  We will see when it comes if I am successful or not. Might as well try. 

My belief is that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen. It might not be the perfect outcome, your dream outcome but it will most likely fulfill the need. That is my theory.  Be creative and be flexible and willing to accept what you can and do accomplish. Knowing that it is good enough. But if you decide to make Kombucha tea, be VERY careful not to poison yourself. 

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