Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Morning Thoughts

We are still in the hot weather time of the year. It is very humid. I don't mind the heat but the humidity is no fun. The humidity seems to make all the former broken parts of my body ache. The rains will be coming before long. Then it will be rainy AND humid. Fun. The rainy season is not my favorite time of the year. Many of my friends say it is their favorite. I can't understand why. Some days we don't see the sun. I find that dreary. It is the time of the year when I usually leave to visit family in Portland. But this year I am not going up there. Maybe I will learn to love the rain. Everything is green. That is a plus.

 I am trying to see the positive side of everything these days. That is part of my training from dealing with the frustrating IMSS system. I have been thinking of words to describe that training. Patience, Endurance, Forbearance, Humility. I like the word Forbearance the best. I just looked it up in the online dictionary. It means Tolerance, patience, resignation, endurance, fortitude, stoicism, restraint, self-control...  That covers a lot.   If I can learn forbearance with IMSS, hopefully I will be able to transfer that quality to the rest of my life and any other frustrating situations that arise in the future. There is no such thing as a life without frustrations. 

I went to the spa yesterday and it was beautiful. Very few people are there now, especially if I can get there before eleven in the morning. 

The flowers in my garden like all this sunshine and many of them are blooming. I even have a couple of ripe papayas from the papaya tree.  

My mind is blank this morning. Having a blog is a bit like having something that is alive. If I don't feed it from time to time then it will die. So here I am, feeding it. I believe that most of my readers are not in Mexico. They are in the United States or Canada. My theory is that they have either been here and enjoyed it or they want to come for a visit or retire here. They like seeing photos of places they have been to or want to go to and they like 
reading about the ins and outs of living here. That is why I am continuing to write about my experiences with IMSS. Before I got involved with the 
system I had a lot of questions about it. I would have greatly appreciated hearing about another person's experiences with using it. 

The other day I met a woman through another woman friend. She said, "When I lived in the States I read your blog all the time but now that I live here and can enjoy the places in your photos for myself I don't read it anymore."  

That pretty much sums up my readers. I have met many people who have moved here partly because of this blog. I hope they aren't disappointed or angry at me for that encouragement. I am mostly happy here, unless I am dealing with IMSS.  (FORBEARANCE)

Olive is sitting beside me, watching me type. Chico is still sleeping on the chair. The day is getting underway so I will close this out. Just one more thing, I want to thank people for continuing to read my blog.  That is a gift to me.


  1. Forbearance...definition sounds like sainthood to me. :)) Loved this post. This is what real life is. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathie, Thank you for commenting and I am glad this post spoke to you. P

  2. I enjoy reading your blog very much, but I have no intention of moving to Mexico. Thank you for allowing me to learn about your way of life.

  3. Thank you for writing your blog! For those of us who have not moved to Mexico yet, it makes us feel like we almost are there.

  4. Hi Donna, Thank you for the laugh. P

  5. We are no more a gift to you than you are a gift to us. Thank you for all the years you've shared with us!

  6. I completely agree with Barbara Lane, you are a gift to us! As for me, you take me away from the frustrations of my own life while I save enough to go to Mexico. Thank you so much!