Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Morning Thoughts

I am going again to the spa to swim. I was sure that yesterday would have been quiet but it wasn't. The Easter crowds are still around and it was difficult to do laps. I will go earlier today and see if that makes a difference. It is getting very hot in the afternoons too. Swimming in hot water on a hot day isn't great fun. Okay, no more complaining.

Last night my friend called me and said she didn't have any water. She said it had been a day and a half and she was upset. That brought back memories of my first place here in Lower La Floresta. The pump was always going out and sometimes it was days before we had water again. I remember going out to our little water fountain in the yard and scooping up water so I could flush my toilet. That water was green and awful looking. But I was desperate.  So far, no water problems in my new home. We will see when the rainy season comes around. That won't be long from now. 

I have been spending most of my afternoons at home next to my fan. It is too hot to be walking around town. I watch a lot of Netflix and read a lot of books. Sometimes my life is boring but the good times overshadow the boring ones. I have no idea of when the next holiday will arrive but I am guessing it is just around the corner. There aren't many days between them. 

Chico knows how to spend these hot afternoons. 


  1. Chico is such a cutie. I am surprised he does like to lie on the cold tile floor when it is hot. Our Golden Retriever loves to lie on the tile floor to cool down.

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Your post about water made me wonder...are you able to drink the water there? I would think you would have to get bottled water. And hey, when we lived about 4 miles outside of town and had well water, every time the power went out (which was often) we had no water...no fun!
    Chico looks comfy!
    Karen in VA

    1. Hi Karen, No we can't drink the water unless the house has filters. Most people buy bottled water. The water truck comes by all the time and it is cheap. P

    2. Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for your response. :)
      Karen in VA