Thursday, October 31, 2013

La Loma Neighborhood in Jocotopec

La Loma is a three hundred year old Mexican neighborhood on the outskirts of Jocotopec. The woman who took me there said that her family lives in many of the houses. They have been in this neighborhood for several generations. She said that three hundred years ago, the bandits hid out in the hills there. They had the road blocked off so the police couldn't go into it. But now it is very safe.


  1. My husband and I so appreciate all your photos. We are moving down in ~ 3years and it's nice to see the surrounding areas.

    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for writing. I think I got that name wrong. It is La Loma not Loma Linda. P

  2. So, email me & let me know if one of THESE photos is the front of the house I almost rented?! ha ha. (though I have a suspicion that one of them is the view from just outside the door....). gaw in pdx