Saturday, October 19, 2013

An afternoon trip to San Nicolas

San Nicolas is a small town just east of Chapala. It is very easy to get to by local bus. The cost is only 9 pesos. It is a very interesting town, much like Chapala thirty years ago. At least from the photos of Chapala it looks like it. I loved the town.
Chapala bus station
This is the bus that goes East and to San Nicolas
By the bus stop in San Nicolas
San Nicolas bus stop


  1. Do many expats live in San Nicholas? Amminities and or Hotels? Also, what was the name of the hotel where you lived for a few months when you first arrived? I couldn't find the name in the early bogs. Thank you and LOVE your pics. LINDA

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you for the compliment.. I didn't see anything for expats in the town of San Nicolas. Maybe in Vista Del Lago. I am visiting there this Friday. The place where I stayed has no name out front. It is just half a block up from the Chapala Plaza It is where the plastic cow is in front by the vet... P