Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hilario Hernandez, General Contractor

Today I took a walk with Chico to the Lake Chapala Society. I met a very nice man and we got to talking. He said he lived in Red Bluff, Calif. for many years. That is where I came from! What a nice surprise. He just finished redoing the patio at the LCS. Handsome man too. I took his picture and am putting on his information. He has a very long list of accomplishments in construction. Wish I had something to build!
He speaks fluent English. You can e mail him at or call him at: 376 766 1736 or Cell 331 239 1455   


  1. I think you have a nice photo...I would love to live in mexico. I am interested in the area of Aguascalientes. Do you know anything about this area? Is it safe now to travel in Mexico now? Would it be safe to drive from the states through the border towns? I am a woman and would be by myself. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I don't know anything about that part of Mexico. I don't travel around. I just stay in one place or fly back to the States. I would not drive through the border towns...... Especially alone... No way.... I know women who have done it. Not me. P

  2. My daughter has close friends in Mexico and they warn to stay away from the border towns. But I think you just have to be smart about driving alone so plan a perhaps longer but safer route, never drive after dark, plan to take your time getting there...and plan early stops for the night. It's smarter to drive with someone else than to drive alone too. Preferably with a spanish speaking older gentleman.