Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ajijic Plaza and Cultural Center

Lunch Special at the Sazon restaurant in the plaza
Practicing for the next Zombie Dance


  1. We were down at Ajijic last week during Easter, and the place was packed. Looking at these photos, it looks like a ghost town.

    We ate almost all our breakfasts at the Sazon restaurant in the cultural center, because they opened earlier than the other restaurants, the food was tasty and plentiful, and the price was right. We enjoyed watching the village wake up each morning from our balcony over the plaza. That's Graciela in the picture. Her daughter works there too.

    In another picture, I see a someone shining somebody's shoes in the plaza. From our perch, we watched each morning as an older gent "set up shop" in front of the cultural center, looking for customers who whore leather shoes. Alas, just like NOB, everybody's wearing athletic shoes so business is pretty scarce.

    Jack from Portland

    1. HI Jack, Thank you for writing. Sounds to me like you are missing Ajijic a bit.... Come back soon. P