Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Office and the Stray Cats that I feed in the Mornings

One cat is on the window ledge behind the curtain. She comes every morning for food. She harassed me for a year or so to get me into the habit of feeding her every morning. Every time she saw me, she chased after me meowing. I finally started feeding her. Recently, I found out that she belongs to a Mexican family across the street. After I fed her a few months, she brought her little yellow kitten to breakfast. The kitten is wild. She won't let me near her, but she waits to be fed every morning too.
Outside my gate. She is afraid to come inside. Then a big grey cat showed up. So I am feeding three cats in the mornings that aren't mine. At least I THINK they aren't mine. (I also think that Chico isn't mine either but he has his own version of things.) This time next year I may be feeding a hundred stray cats here.

The cat at my window. She is telling me that it is time to feed her.

My herb garden which is next to my front door.
The yellow cat, her kitten, has NO trust for me. I have been feeding her for months now but that means nothing to her.


  1. I have a fluctuating number of barn cats that I feed daily. Supper is about 8 now. Sometimes it's as high as 12 or so. I leave them water out also. They keep the snakes under control. Every one that gets tame seems to disappear so I try not to get too attached to them but I do.

    1. Hi Tim, Thanks for commenting. Interesting how the number of stray cats constantly expands, like bread dough. Now one of those strays is living inside with me. p