Sunday, April 14, 2013

Afternoon Thoughts

I rarely write in the afternoons because I don't think as clearly as I do in the mornings. But today, for some reason, I have more energy. It is HOT here now.... I am going out to lunch with several women friends and a man who just arrived. He will only be here for two weeks. He contacted me through my blog. This is probably a mistake on my part. There are so few single men here, why would I risk meeting him with five women friends? Oh well, such is life. I have gotten used to just hanging out with women anyway.

I have been spending a lot of time at Marie's house. She finally moved into the front apartment in that beautiful complex. Check out photo above. It is cool there with a view of the lake. Chico and I both love to hang out with her by the lake. Chico chases the squirrels.  And typical of the female to male odds in this town, eleven single women live there and one single man......

A friend was joking about this fact the other day. She said, I sure hope no woman ever comes down here looking for a mate. She will be quickly disappointed.  My thought is that a lot of single women in my age group have forgotten what it was like to date. That isn't a such a bad thing as another friend visiting from the States talked about online dating and her friends joking about recycling through the same men. The men like to stay on those sites for years and why not? The odds aren't any better for women up there either.  Like shooting fish in a barrel for the men. Okay, women aren't fish. Remember that old saying, A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? It sounds like I am crying sour grapes and maybe I am. I promise, no more trite phrases......

In my grandparent's day, I believe the odds were just the opposite because so many women died in childbirth. But now we outlive the men. We would have lots of choices if the huge group of gay men living here suddenly decided to like women instead but that isn't going to happen.

After our lunch, we are all going to the bull ring to watch a horse show. It a show featuring the women. I am sure there will be lots of beautiful dresses and tricks. I will take photos and publish them in a few days. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I am. 

Footnote: The one single man where Marie lives told us that he went to the last singles function. It was a picnic. There were twenty seven women and two men.  Maybe they should change the name to the Mostly Women's Group.....


  1. Hi Pat

    can't wait to hear about your gentleman friend .LOL
    I have told you before but I SO enjoy your beautiful pics
    It's so much fun for me seeing all the plaves we have been husband just had quintuple bypass surgery 4 weeks ago and we plan to come back this fall for 2 months once he he gets the Ok from his Dr

    Take care

    1. Hi Collette, Thanks for writing and for the compliment. Sending prayers for your husband's quick recovery. Let me know when you are coming so we can meet up. P

  2. Will do Pat !!!!!!!!