Friday, April 26, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Well, I finally got my little casita back together. What a mess. It was like moving. Don't think I will be doing that again for a long time. I like my routines and it was difficult to maintain them while living with a pile of wooden boxes overflowing with junk.  It is a good thing that I have Chico because he helped to ground me. Otherwise I may have gone off the rails. I will take some photos and put them on my next post.

It is quiet in town now. I was so busy on Wednesday that I didn't take any photos at the market. I have photographed it so many times that I am sure I didn't miss anything new. Once again, I bought too many fruits and veggies and I can't see anything in my refrigerator. It is all piled up like my entire casita was for the past few days. Piles and piles. Makes me wonder where all that stuff came from. I got rid of six suitcases. I had brought them down two at a time from my return trips to the States. All filled with stuff that I don't need. I took another look at the George Carlin rift on You Tube about STUFF. It made me laugh at myself.

I realized this morning that I haven't been writing much on my blog lately. Now that my life is once again in order, I can go back to taking photos and writing. Having an orderly life sure makes a difference. I find it impossible to be creative while living in chaos.

The friend who gave me the shelves and desk is coming by today to see what I did with them. I am looking forward to showing this two room creation to her. She lives in a beautiful home and these things were throwaways for her but for me they transformed my place into something more liveable.

Mexico is not a throwaway economy. I was thinking of buying a nice chair for my office area and maybe eventually finding a desk with drawers but as I looked around at yard sales and ads I realized once again this fact. People think they are giving you a bargain if they sell you a piece of used furniture that is maybe twenty percent off the original price they paid. And it has been used for years. (Often things cost MORE than they what they paid for them.)

The two men who took down the shelves from my friend's wall one day, drove them over here, and spent the next day modifying them for my place only charged me sixty dollars. I gave them a huge tip because I appreciated it so much. The rule to remember here is: LABOR IS CHEAP. THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE.....


  1. It is strange how people differ. I thrive on chaos. I moved to Mexico to get away from comfort in Salem. And Mexico has delivered. Just the way I like it.

    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for writing again. I like chaos outside of my home. Inside, I like things orderly.... p