Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Morning Walk in Riberas del Pilar towards Chapala


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the pictures. I am currently considering moving to the Lake Chapala area. (I've lived in Mexico for over a year.) I've read most of the usual blogs and websites about the different areas along the northern shore of the lake.

    My Spanish is very limited so one of the things I am looking for is an opportunity to take some formal classes in Spanish conversation. I have discovered those would be available in Ajijic but I'm not sure about any of the other lakeshore towns. Do you have any info on that?

    Also, how extensive is the malecon? Does it connect the towns? Could I walk along the malecon from Riberas del Pilar to Ajijic?

    Thanks, Gar
    gar1948 at gmail dot com

    1. HI Gar, No the malecons are not connected. there is a bike path along the carretera. YOu can walk that from town to town. There are several places in Ajijic that have Spanish classes. I don't know about the other towns because I haven't investigated that. thanks for writing. p