Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting Ready to House Sit Again

I am going to another house sitting job in two days. I will be there for eleven days and then back home again for a few days. Then I have another job for three weeks. And then another one for three more weeks. In Sept. I have another one for over a month.

Today I went to the Lake Society book sale room and shelved a book I was intending to return to the library in with the books for sale. When the library opened, I frantically searched for the book for twenty minutes. Finally I found it, right where I had shelved it. When I returned it to the man at the library desk and told him what had happened, he said, "You must be thinking about something else."

He was right about that. Every time I have a house sitting job or leave my casita for any other reason for more than a day, I get anxious. A few months ago, I told myself I wouldn't house sit again for that very reason. Maybe I am just getting old and set in my ways. But these jobs are ones I would very much enjoy. I love the animals. I love the homes and the locations and the private swimming pools. So I changed my mind and said yes to all of them.

I think of them as mini vacations, where I get paid. I am fine once I get to the homes. It is just leaving mine that makes me distracted and nervous. I worry about Chico. My landlord is out of town now. Someone else is coming into my landlord's place to take care of Chico but no one loves him like I do.

  I am sure he will be fine. And I am sure I will be fine too.  I found a travel book in the library about Thailand. I thumbed through it and thought about going there this winter. But if I get anxious just leaving my casita for a few weeks to house sit in mansions here in town, I know I don't have it in me anymore to go to Thailand and live in a hut on the beach. That time has past. I did it. It was fun. But I am too old now to enjoy it, especially all those mosquitoes that descended on me as soon as the sun started to go down. So I put the book back on the shelf and thought about how much I love living here in Ajijic, Mexco.  In my mind, Mexico far exceeds Thailand as a place to live.


  1. Hi Pat

    As always I just LOVE looking at all your beautiful pics !!!!!!!!!!
    We have rented a casita for the month of Nov and as much as I am looking forward to having a months vac ( 1st time ) I am already thinking about missing my two boys ( dogs ) LOL

    Take Care

    1. HI Collette, Thank you for the compliment on my pictures. I hope we can meet up when you are here in November. I understand about missing your animals. I always miss Chico when I am away from him. P

    2. Oh Pat, sometimes the grass looks greener on the otherside until you get there LOL.

      My bro retired to Thailand, married a much younger chick and is building a home.

  2. Hi P. Thanks for writing. Your brother's grass looks pretty green to me. Sounds like a great life. P