Monday, October 10, 2011

What is Happening Here?

There is a web site here, ( My friend came by and told me about another robbery about the same time as when the woman was robbed at gun point. I looked it up on that site. Not much information. Two different restaurants, one in West Ajijic and one near the Auditorium not far from my house in La Floresta. On the main street, in the middle of the afternoon.  Three men, one with a gun. They waited at the cash register so the other people in the restaurant didn't know what was happening. I don't know how accurate this information is and it is very sketchy.

I have said many times before, I don't like to talk about bad things on my blog but this is hitting very close to home for me.  I am beginning to wonder.... What next? These men got away.  The man who robbed the woman at gun point got away.   What is happening here????

I am going out in a couple of hours to Canadian Thanksgiving at a restaurant just a couple of blocks from the other restaurant where they robbed everyone.

I will not let my fears control me. I will not let my fears control me. I will not let my fears control me...


  1. Why not discuss the bad things that happen in Mexico? I love Mexico, but it is filled with all kinds if experiences: great, boring, terrible. All of them are fodder for tales. Just part of our lives. Mexico is not paradise. It is simply a nice place to enjoy life.

  2. good for you. we can not let our fears control us or we would not be able to enjoy life. i always walk with my head up high and show confidence, not that that would stop a person with a gun but i think such cowards are more apt to go after people who seem helpless.

    sure hope this goes through.

    teresa i nagoya

  3. Hi Steve, Thank you for commenting. I have said that before about Mexico and gotten jumped on for saying it. There is no paradise on earth. We have to deal with what IS, not what we want things to be. I can easily fall into negative thinking and that is another reason I like to keep this blog as positive as possible. I don't want it to be colored by my internal passing bad states of mind. But these problems are beginning to get too frequent. They are NOT just internal emotional issues. Thanks again. Patricia

  4. Hi Teresa, Thank you for commenting. There is a hurricane passing by not far from here. Shades of your own situation recently. We must continue to be positive in the face of our fears. Thanks, Patricia

  5. Hi Patricia,
    I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal! I'm sorry to hear of the crime in your area. I hope you can still enjoy your beautiful town, but take care.

    Karen in VA

  6. Hi Karen, Thank you for writing. I always appreciate hearing from you. It was a delicious meal with good friends. That helped to calm me down a bit. Patricia