Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pan Am Games and Wednesday Market

I was so busy shopping at the market yesterday that I only took one photo. The market was yesterday instead of today because of the Pan Am games. They are running the torch through town today. I don't think I will walk to the plaza to see it because of the rain. The hurricane is bringing us rain today and tomorrow. So it is overcast and wet out there today. I just hope that my electricity will stay on for these two days. It is going to be awfully cold and boring in here if I don't have any light or heat.

This awful weather is so strange to see here. I am used to waking up everyday to sunshine. I guess it will get me prepared for my month in Portland this winter. I am so spoiled now. I love to live where everyday is sunny and warm.  I am hoping that this crime wave is caused by a bad element coming into Guadalajara and this area to take advantage of the crowds at the Pan Am games. Maybe they will leave after the games are over.

If not, and it continues, when I return from Portland, I may seriously consider moving to another area that is safer.  I love it here. I have lived here for over four years but I don't love feeling unsafe.


  1. Patricia, I'm sorry to hear of the trouble in Ajijic. I hope you are right and after the games things will go back to normal.
    I appreciate you telling us the good and the bad.
    Enjoy your trip to Portland. Stay safe.
    Jackie Martinez

  2. Hi Jackie, Thank you for writing. I appreciate it. I hope things will get better here soon. Thanks, Patricia

  3. Well, I hope it doesn't come to that - your moving away. Maybe you should consider an apartment or casita that would feel safer. It would be a shame to leave are so well established. You have a network of friends and work that you enjoy. Think positively! The sun coming back will help.

  4. Hi Pat, You are right. And maybe day after tomorrow the sun will be out again. Thanks, Patricia

  5. Most of the person to person crime is because the Mexicans don't have any money to live on. Especially the ones that had to come back from the States. When the economy in the States gets better, they will return to where there are jobs.

  6. Thanks for your input. That may be a long time coming..... P