Monday, October 24, 2011

We've Gone To The Dogs

Carolina and I spent part of the morning with the dogs in the back area of LCS. We took photos of each other and of the dogs. Izzy is the little Schnauzer that I am taking care of and Pepper is her dog. They are both puppies and they had a great time running and playing with each other. They wore each other and us out but it was a fun morning.

Me and Izzy


  1. Thanx for taking all the very nice photos, Patricia. Now I have some good shots of Pepper and me! Hope you like the ones I took of you. Such gorgeous surroundings, and what a fun time together for us and our pooches! It's so nice to be able to take the pooches with us when we eat out, too. Wish we could do that in the USA, but NOT! See ya later, Alligator - Carolina

  2. Hi Carolina, I had a fun day too.... Thanks for commenting. Let's do it again before my job here is over. The dogs also enjoy our time together. P

  3. Patricia that blue in your blouse is your color! You look beautiful - it makes the blue of your eyes really pop.

    Thanks again for all your photos and sharing.


  4. Hi Barbara, Thank you for writing and for the compliment. I don't like my photos so I rarely put any of me on the blog. So getting the compliment makes me feel good. Thanks. P

  5. hi pat,

    i second what barb said! just looked through your last few post-such beautiful shots. love the ones of you, carolina and the pooches! it sounds like you had a lot of fun that day!

    teresa in nagoya

  6. Hi Teresa, Thank you for the compliments. And thank you for continuing to read my blog..... Hope all is well in your world. P