Friday, December 17, 2010

Visiting with Friends

My friends Stacey and Dennis
The LCS Cat is Still There

In the lower photo are the Poinsettias growing so tall.
My Friend Emily

My friend Lamar

My friend Don
This morning four of my friends showed up at my door. I have been alone for weeks now. All of a sudden they all showed up at once. What a nice surprise. Emily was here bright and early. Then Don and Lamar showed up and then Stacey arrived.  We all went to the Lake Chapala Society and we sat and had coffee and talked for a couple of hours. What a wonderful day for me. I used two crutches this time. I did too much the last time I was out. I feel like I am just emerging from a long sleep. Back in the world again.


  1. You've been alone for weeks??? Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Ginger, Well since I had asked everyone for so many favors I figured I had better shut up and accept being alone. Patricia