Thursday, November 2, 2017

Photos of the Thriller Dance at the Ajijic Plaza

I am sick again. So I didn't make it to any other Day of the Dead celebrations. But here are some photos of the thriller dance.

Above is Cortlandt Jones. He directed the dance. Below is him without make up.

Below is a photo he sent me of him in the original Michael Jackson Thriller Dance. He said he is behind Michael Jackson and on the right.

I really wanted to interview him but I got sick again. I have the same problem I had a couple of weeks ago. Guess I will have to force myself to see a doctor today. Here are a few more photos.

At the end of th dance they did a line dance and everyone was invited to join in

Each year the dance is for a nonprofit organization. This year it was for the Tepehua Center. 

Later on, when I feel better, I will write an article with more information for blog. This is about all I feel like doing for now. I think the men in the above photo were about as tired as I feel now.


  1. Hope you doctors visit will fix you up. Thanks for the pictures.

    1. Hi Peter, Thank you for your concern. Just came back from the doctor. I have pneumonia. He wanted to put me in the hospital but I refused. So I have to try to get well here at home. P

  2. Oh, my goodness! Please take care of yourself.
    Karen in VA

  3. Feel Better SOON---Miss your POSTS so very much.