Sunday, November 26, 2017

New apartment for rent

Through the years I have from time to time put nice rentals on here but doing that mostly caused me a lot of problems. People asking me to act as an agent for them and more questions about the places, so I quit doing it. But today I met a nice young man who showed me his apartment that he just finished and wants to rent. It is furnished with beautiful furniture, including a new stove and frig. It is just half a block up the street from where I live so the shops are all close and the Ajijic Plaza is a fifteen minute walk from it. There is a roof area which I did not walk up to because for now there is no railing on the stairs. He said he will add that. So here are some photos of it. There is a garage in front that you could use for more light. It is a little dark inside. The price pr month is 7000 pesos. Please do NOT contact ME about it. Call the man who owns it, Chuy at 333 956 7323 or   Here are some photos

The street the apartment is on

What is across the street from it.


The front door.


Front door

The garage

Kitchen and stairs to the roof

New microwave

Cabinet, pots and pans included.

New stove

New frig

Laundry room, washer and he will get a dryer

Bedroom , just part of it, the dresser and desk. There is a very large bed in this room too.

Sorry I didn't get any more photos. If you are interested, contact Chuy. I just did the currency converter for 7000 pesos. As of today that is 376 American dollars. 


  1. Chug seems like he’d be a great landlord. Good on you for helping him out!

  2. I agree. He worked on it for eight years. He is very proud of it. I am glad to help him out. I admire people who work hard for what they want. Thanks for commenting again. Good to hear from you Deborah. P